Simsonar is an innovative international new venture driven by four experienced persons Heikki Oukka, Pertti Seppänen, Arto Seppänen and Pertti Paakkolanvaara. Simsonar searches actively disruptive opportunities within the area of underwater imaging. The structure and operating principles of Simsonar target to maximized customer satisfaction. We concentrate on our core competences:

  1. Understanding the needs of the users of Simsonar products.
  2. Identifying the technological innovations that can change the established assumptions of underwater imaging.
  3. Utilizing the innovations to disrupt the current business logic and/or value chains.
  4. Understanding the modern global business networks to build relationships to the best performing partners.

The result is the an ultrasonar imaging system that satisfies the needs of our customers and is easier deploy and more cost efficient than the competitive solutions.

Heikki Oukka
Pertti Seppänen
Arto Seppänen
Pertti Paakkolanvaara
Heikki Oukka has over 25 years experience of innovations within the high technology business. He has developed GSM basestations, created a world leading business in test and measurement segment and helped various start-ups on the board level. Heikki is keen in seeing things done and delivered.
You can reach Heikki at his email address:
Pertti Seppänen has worked over 25 years at Nokia in multiple positions. He has experience in working in multiple development cultures. Pertti's passion lies in software and solutions.
You can reach Pertti at his email address:
Arto Seppänen has worked over 10 years at Tieto in managerial roles. He has experience in computers and communications. Especially Linux bends in Arto's hands to any need. Arto wants to see things done fast and well.
You can reach Arto at his email address:
Pertti Paakkolanvaara (Pera) has over 20 years experience in sales. He worked nine years at Nokia in data communications and basestation development. He started at NetHawk in 1993 and worked almost 16 years in sales and business management. Pertti's favourite word is solution.
You can reach Pertti at his email address:

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Customer operations and support: arto.seppanen(at)

Sales at Simsonar: pertti.paakkolanvaara(at)

Product development at Simsonar: pertti.seppanen(at)

Management and innovations of Simsonar: heikki.oukka(at)

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