Our vision is to improve underwater visibility both with optical and ultrasound products.

Our mission is to develope a product and to provide services to create video images from any river, lake or seas.


Our strategy is to combine the latest technology in optoelectronics, ultrasound, electronics, communications and software with the key components developed by ourselves to become number one in the selected business segment.

Monitor migrating fish at any distance

Simsonar Underwater Video Camera and Simsonar Fish Counter detect fish, measure their length and register them automatically. UVC uses ultrasound and is used for long distances from one to seventy meters while FC is an optical camera that can also recognise species.

Why Choose Us?

Simsonar believes the disruptive innovations change the business structures. We utilize the modern technologies to the maximum. We use our long experience in software design, in international business and in thorough understanding of the wave nature of the sound to reach our goal of becoming the number one in the business of fish monitoring.


The global trends of improving the state of waters, recovering the levels of fishing, repairing and constructing the underwater structures create more opportunities for underwater operations. Because the poor or zero visibility prevents mostly the use of optical video cameras there is a need for new tools. Simsonar helps the governmental organisations and private businesses to reach their goals in their underwater operations by proving them with an ultrasound based video camera.


Simsonar operates in three business segments:

1. Monitoring the fish in fishways, brooks, rivers, lakes and seas.

2. Opening visibility for divers constructing underwater structures or searching objects.

3. Making the search of dangerous objects safer.

Simsonar events

May 2017
Another season starting. The first commercial installation of Simsonar FC was done on May 11th. It is now monitoring a small brook. The first observations were surprising: a brook of five meters wide and 40 cm deep contains underwater living more than anybody expected. During the busiest hour almost two thousand fish passed the camera for spawning.
March 2017
Simsonar UVC has been in the market place since 2012. It has been developed continuously and the latest update is the Long Range model. The viewing distance has been extended to 70 meters. The first delivery will be done in June.
February 2017
Development efforts for new Simsonar FC are almost done. First modest marketing efforts result in huge interest. We look forward to new season with two projects!
January 2016
Very busy season is over. Simsonar cameras were researching rivers from Gothenburg and Helsinki up to Utsjoki and Arjeplog. Although our customers take care of analysis more and more also Simsonar was busy in analysing the recorded material and preparing reports. Now we are just weeks away from the first monitoring projects start. Looking forward to new season with improved products!
June 2015
There are now six Simsonar cameras in the water simultaneously! Seventh by the end of June.
May 2015
The first projects in 2015 start.
April 2015
Simsonar fiscal year 1.4.2014 - 31.3.2015 showed strong growth.
December 2014
The first product sales!
November 2014
The results of Vanhankaupunginkoski are reported. Only in 15 years the natural population of trouts! In 80's nobody believed this could happen.
July 2014
Project at Vanhankaupunginkoski starts.
April 2014
The first project in 2014 starts!
October 2013
Performance improvement: clear real-time image up to 70 meters and frame rate over 10 fps for distances up to 50 meters.
August 2013
Multiple monitoring sessions on Kemijoki.
July 2013
Full remote support: the camera can be operated remotely, recorded files can be uploaded in real-time to any server, the power supply can be controlled remotely, alarms on camera movement by e-mail, and optional site surveillance via web camera.
Multiple monitoring sessions on Kemijoki.
June 2013
A new version of camera introduced. Improvements in sensitivity, image quality, and file compression.
Monitoring project on Tornionjoki.
October 2012
Simsonar participates a project developing innovative solutions to detect the depth of salmons at hydroelectric plants.
June 2012
Two full-time fish counting projects started. Simsonar controls the cameras remotely to minimize the need fo on-site visits.
November 2011
Support for 96 beams ready.
The main development project finished in time.
The camera enters the production phase.
June 2011
The first sonar deployment with a customer.
June 2011
The first sonar pilot started with a customer.
May 2011
The first real life tests.
January 2011
Simsonar web site opened.
December 2010
New office at Kiilakiventie 1, 90250 Oulu, Finland.
October 2010
The first commercial commitment made.
September 2010
The first underwater image created with the prototype.
January 2010
Development of the prototype started.
August 2009
Proof of concept verifies the functionality based on the new ideas.
December 2008
Simsonar is established.

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